Українська рада танцю Українська Рада Танцю (УРТ)
Ukrainian Dance Board (UDB)

member of International Dance Organization

Українська федерація сучасного танцю Українська Федерація Сучасного Танцю (УФСТ) - член УРТ
Ukrainian Modern Dance Federation (UMDF) - member of UDB

About us

Ukrainian Dance Board (UDB) is an all-Ukrainian public organization, registered by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on November 29, 1995, registration certificate № 699.
Ukrainian Dance Board (UDB) occupied of development of ballroоm and modern dancing at the territory of Ukraine. Exactly this organization from 1993 till 2006 presented Ukraine in international professional organization - World Dance and Dance Sport Council (WD&DSC).
UDB's members were dance organizations (all-Ukrainian, regional, city, district), dance clubs, dance couples -  amateurs of different age, professional performers of ballroom dance, managers of groups, professional trainers and adjudicators.
UDB's dance couples were winners, prize-winners and finalists of the Championship of Ukraine, open championships and prestigious famous competitions in European and Latin American Dances, finalists of European and World championships among professionals.
UDB's adjudicators worked at European and World championships among professional performers of ballroom dances, as well as world, European championships and official IDSF competitions among amateurs, being invited to international competitions abroad.
From 2006 till 2009 UDB was a member of All-Ukrainian Union of Public Organization "Sport and Dance" (AUPOSD).
Since 2007 UDB becomes the provisional membership of International Professional DanceSport Council (IPDSC)
Since 2005 Ukrainian Dance Board is a full and equal member of National Choreagraphic Union of Ukraine.
Since 2000 Ukrainian Dance Board is the International Dance Organization (IDO) Full member.
Since 2000 in the Ukrainian Dance Board (UDB) successfully worked Committee of modern dance. UDB runs ranking competitions, elimination Championships of Ukraine for the European and World Championships Hip Hop, Disco Dance, Show Dance, Disco Dance Show, Break Dance, Electric Boogie, Tap Dance, Argentine Tango, Belly Dance/Oriental . In 2005 in UDB appears new salsa clubs, was signed cooperation agreement with National Choreographic Union of Ukraine with the purpose of participating of the folk clubs in the IDO European and World Championships. UDB done essential work to popularized different directions of modern dances in Ukraine, every day number of clubs and dancers of modern dances increased. That is why UDB Modern Dance Committee was reorganized in separate All-Ukrainian public organization "Ukrainian Modern Dance Federation" (UMDF), which at the May, 5th 2006 was registered at the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, registration certificate number 2448.
Because of signed cooperation agreement with UDB UMDF has exceptional right to conduct elimination Championships of Ukraine for the European and World Championships, which organize and conduct International Dance Organization (IDO).
Looking forward to the:
  • Since  February, 1st 2009 IDSF Member in Ukraine is All-Ukrainian Dance Sport Federation, which got the national organization status and new new kind of sports was recognized by the Ministry in affairs of family, youth and sports;
  • Since 2000 Ukrainian Dance Board is the Member of IDO;
  • IDSF and IDO worked in conjunction according to the signed agreement
and with the purpose to unite all sport dance clubs (ballroom and latin) in one organization - ADSF, at December, 20th 2009  at the UDB's General Meeting were decided, what since 2010 Ukrainian Dance Board not occupied of development of dance sport, but only of IDO dance disciplines. All UDB's dance sport clubs (ballroom and latin) is reccomended to become the members of ADSF (President - Borys Deych).
Members of Ukrainian Dance Board are now - modern dance clubs, trainers, judges, and dancers PO "Ukrainian Modern Dance Federation".
All international contacts, entries for IDO European and World Championships and Cups are made through the UDB Office: UDB President - Irena Bous', Office-manager Anna Garashchuk. In all questions of development modern dance in Ukraine please contact UMDF President Pavlo Boyko.

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